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BASIS Outsourcing Award 2021

District Level Individual

The CEO & Founder MD MASUM PRAMANIK got the BASIS OUTSOURCING AWARD 2021. It was really inspiring and motivational for the whole Story IT family. We are really proud of it. Congratulation to the CEO and wishing him a lovely and more bright future. Mr. Pramanik has worked from Natore from an early age.

Best Employee of the year 2022

Tanvir Islam Asif

Tanvir Islam Asif has been working with Story IT for the last couple of years. He was excellent in all the tasks. Remarkably he ranked our top sites and make our really happy our clients. We really appreciate and are proud of his task. Tanvir not only for the first time he is continuously gaining this Employee of the year for 3rd time.

Best Intern Of The Year 2022

Nusrat Jahan Siddique

Best Intern Of the year is a regular award of Story IT which is for the Intern he or she who is performing best for that year. Every year Story IT take 20-25 member for the internship program. This year we had 25 intern and Nusrat showed her ability and got the title Best Intern Of The Year 2022.

Rising Star Of The Year 2022

Mehedi Hasan Jim

Story IT also giving the award called Rising Star Of The Year 2022. The member who has the most successful history and reputation by working, progress and everything and he or she must be below “Member” will be able to achieve this award. Mehedi hasan jim is a very effective and creative worker from the first. He have done outstanding in this year.


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